Sol Fusion is the playground for progressive party go’ers, political misfits, social pioneers, fashion forward renegades, industry heads, skater boys, corner office professionals, b-girls and runway models. Communal Gumbo.

Born in 2002, Sol Fusion is the social Man-Child…the Robin Hood of nightlife…the Underdog fighter with a big right hook. What started as a small boutique party for exclusive music lovers of all colors, shades and backgrounds, grew into a movement, a lifestyle, a mindset. An event that warrants the attention of media, Fortune 500 Companies and the average Joe & Jane. Sol Fusion prides itself at creating infectious social experiences. We didn’t mean to re-invent the meaning of “a damn good time,” but we will take some credit. When Society and Socializing gets stagnant & repetitive… thousands of progressive socialites find themselves at a Sol Fusion function…. And now… We are going digital. is our digital forum to express, connect, comment, post, ridicule, laugh, discover, cuss, stalk and release. We are here.

Whatever you do, don’t put Sol Fusion in a box. Sol Fusion isn’t soul, funk, hip hop, reggae, house, dub, hood, stuck up, hipster, siddity, granola, NYC, ATL, Miami, LA, Chicago, London, Jeezy, Lupe, Louie Vega, Gaga, Rakim, Badu, The Roots, Weezer, The Clash, Kanye, Nas, Fela Kuti, Cee-Lo, M.I.A., U2, Pimps, Hoes, Young, Old, White, Black, Asian or Latin…but it is the bridge that connects them all.

Understand the Direction…come get some.