Sol Fusion. . . bringing abroad home

For the past 9 years, Sol Fusion have been known for bringing the best in music, performers, djs and events to Atlanta.

The Sol Fusion brand was never interested in doing what’s ‘popular’, we rather focus on what’s GOOD & QUALITY. With that said, Sol Fusion is excited to announce our trip to France to see the making of what some are calling the World’s Finest Cognac, Pitaud (pronounced PIT-TOW). Not content to only expose you to local or national brands, Sol Fusion is bringing Pitaud back from across the ocean to share the next level in Cognac with our Sol Fusion family. What European Cognac connoisseurs have known for decades, will be introduced to you.

Following our tradition of bringing you new artists that soon become your fav, the Pitaud Cognac and Liqueur Wine brand is making their American debut exclusively to the tastemakers and trendsetters of the Sol Fusion family.

To celebrate our partnership with this illustrious French company, Sol Fusion will be hosting exclusive guided tastings, invite only branded events and launch parties. If you’re a serious cognac drinker, wine lover or an urbanite with an eye for the exotic, stay tuned for what Sol Fusion and Pitaud have in store! It’s time we reach a little higher than the top shelf.

From France with Love,

The Sol Fusion Family